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Journal of Arts Writing for Students

Volume 2 Issue 2

Cover Date: December 2016

Slow it Down. Write it. Perform it. 


This article is an enquiry into the meditative and unconscious processes of the mind. In critical thought there appears to be a gap where the art object has been elevated above the artist process. What has been lost is a study into the psychoanalytic, creative and meditative qualities of both written and creative systems. This article draws from theories of meditative practice, as well as contemporary practitioners including Marina Abramovic and Zhang Huan. The aims of this study are to augment process, lead discussion and create discourse in the context of meditative, performative and immaterial dialogues.,id=3254/ 

From Home

Artist Book

Julia Cunningham, 2017

Exhibited at: 

Subconscious Cities 

10,000 word dissertation (2016)

Published in Norwich University of the Arts Library Collection


Subconscious Cities takes a metaphorical journey through real cities that converses between language, perspective and social interaction. The text suggests that the metropolis is multi-layered; many concepts are stacked upon one another forming an ever-changing three-dimensional story. It is the job of the wanderer, walker and traveller to navigate the layers and negotiate a global space of flows. The city is not a form but a process, seen as constantly exploding; it is dominated by a structural tyranny of space. The research and practice is drawn from principle thinkers in anthropology and psychogeography, such as Walter Benjamin, Marc Augé and W. G. Sebald; as well as on-site documentary archiving and experience within European cities. The text’s pivotal notion is focused around an encounter with a man named Hubert. Captured through the camera and cemented in memory, the encounter with Hubert reveals a formula of the experiential metropolis that is emerging and decadent. The text matures into not what the city is, but how it is mediated. The aim is to make manifest the hidden or invisible signals in the city from a searching and nomadic perspective; and as a result, locate the subconscious in the discernable world. Subconscious Cities is not concerned with the surface reality of the modern metropolis. It hopes to delve beneath and rise above; weaving through the fabric of the city and to form a process that tenderly empathises with city whilst on the move.

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